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Dance Unlimited

Dance Classes: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Tumbling. Brownsburg, Indiana

Dance Class Descriptions

Pre-School (3-4,4-5) ­

This is a fun introductory class that will  introduce students to dance. Creative movement and activities help introduce the  beginning fundamentals of ballet, tap, & tumbling. Students also play games  which enhance cognitive & social development and learn classroom etiquette. 

Pre K-K (5-6)

 This  dance class focuses on the basic dance techniques of ballet, tap and tumbling. It is a more technique based class for young dancers.  Students will learn short dances and play games that enhance cognitive & social  development & prepare them for further dance training. 

Combo (6 and up)

 This dance class focuses on ballet and tap. In this class, students will be  introduced to basic ballet fundamentals, including body alignment, vocabulary,  and basic positions of the feet & arms. Students will move through barre, center  work, & progressions which include basic turns, jumps, & leaps. The tap portions of this class will focus on tap fundamentals and  technique as well as learning progressions to suit their skill levels. 

Jazz (7 and up)

This class is designed as an introduction to basic jazz technique, focusing on  basic jazz positions, turns, jumps, & leaps. Students will also learn center and  locomotor progressions as well as proper stretching techniques to enhance  strength & flexibility. Students  will advance with their own ability levels through center work & progressions. For the serious dancer, it is strongly recommended, but not required, to  take a ballet class to complement jazz training.   Students will have a blast  in this fast paced, high energy dance class which also introduces basic hip hop,  the latest trends, with exciting  moves.  Dance conditioning will be introduced to strengthen the body. 


This  class will be centered on dance technique. Students will move through barre,  center work, & progressions which include basic turns, jumps, & leaps. Each level of ballet is structured to provide more advanced training as  the student is ready.


Dress Code for Classes


Combination  Classes: Any color leotard and tights, dance shorts may be worn over  tights. Please no jewelry & no baggy attire. Students need pink leather ballet  shoes and tan tap shoes. Hair must be secured off the face and neck. For classes  including tumbling, please avoid using hard barrettes or clips as this may hurt  the dancer when performing certain movements.   Boys should wear shorts  and a T-shirt.

Ballet: Ballet student must  wear a black leotard and pink tights and ballet shoes to class. Hair must be  pulled back.

Jazz  Classes: Leotard and tights, or dance shorts or jazz pants of  any color. Jazz shoes are required. Hair must be secured off the face and neck.

 Tap Classes:  Leotard/tank tops or camisoles, dance shorts or jazz pants of any color.  Please no jewelry & no baggy attire.  Advanced tap oxfords are required. Hair must be secured off the face and neck.



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